Three digital marketing trends to watch in 2023 for pharma and healthcare brands

By Nick Cowling, Head of Performance

With new tech constantly evolving, there’s always something new coming – and this year is no exception. So what should pharma and healthcare marketers be paying attention to this year?

Everybody’s Head of Performance, Nick Cowling, shares his insight into the top three trends shaping the pharma industry in 2023 – and what they mean for healthcare brands.

What’s shaping the industry in 2023?

1. Video, and lots of it

“Pharmaceutical brands are starting to shift more resources into video content and campaigns. This will enable richer, more engaging communication around everything from product information to promotions.

Video makes for not only a better user experience, but also the chance for brands to exploit the ‘year of FAST’ (the reported increase in Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) with integrated video ad campaigns – resulting in deeper datasets that offer more insight.”

2. The continued pursuit of omnichannel

“Brands are continuing to evolve their understanding of how to incorporate omnichannel into the pharma world. For most, it means embracing a hybrid model of multi/omnichannel marketing that makes the most of what’s possible now while building towards a better future.

The goal is to take advantage of the increased volume of healthcare data and integrate privacy-preserving technology solutions for a cookieless future. In 2023, the priorities for most pharma brands remain relevance and consistency over omnipresence.”

3. Embracing the conscious consumer

“Now more than ever, company values and ethics serve as critical differentiators driving consumer choice. In the wake of last year’s Twitter debacle, brand-savvy consumers are demanding integrity from businesses – and the healthcare industry is no exception.

To stay relevant in the space, brands must invest in communicating not just their offering, but also their overarching purpose and values. These two core components will be key to driving consumer choice.”

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