Getting health and wellness audience insights that matter in 2023

By Nathan Lawson, Insights Director

Everybody’s Insights Director, Nathan Lawson, shares the three must-haves for identifying what your audience wants.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving – so how can health and wellness brands make sure they’re meeting audience needs with so many moving pieces in play? Attracting the right interest and engagement requires understanding your audience – and getting the right data is key to finding actionable insights.

The three keys to understanding a health and wellness audience

1. Keywords that matter

Keyword research is the starting point for understanding both what your audience is looking for and the language they’re using to find it.

Identify the search terms that really matter to your brand, and you’ll reveal which of your competitors are commanding the major share of search. With this knowledge, you can determine not only the topics of greatest interest, but also the gaps in the market where you can step in to fill any unmet needs.”

2. Social listening for social insight

Social listening helps us understand more about the people on the other side of the search engine. Conversations across social media platforms can show what’s going on behind the search queries, and how search relates to particular stages of a customer journey.

Social networks are also unique and house distinct communities. An anonymous platform like Reddit naturally encourages honesty and transparency, while subreddits can drive direct interactions, such as between patients and healthcare providers.

3. Doctor chatbot will see you now

The rapid rise of generative AI tools like Chat GPT has unlocked a whole new avenue of discovery for health and wellness audiences. The anonymity and convenience of these platforms, combined with their apparent neutrality, may make them a go-to destination for information. This could create a major shift in the search landscape with ramifications for how we connect audiences to relevant and accurate information.

Before diving into the possibilities, brands should consider existing audience research in the context of AI and focus on the audience impact of any innovation. How likely are your audiences to use AI, and what role might these platforms play in their health journey?

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