Building relationships with pet owners through eCommerce

Helping pet owners get to know and love a premium brand requires getting the right message in front of the right customers.

Client and challenge

When a UK-based premium pet health brand approached us with an ambition to quickly scale their business, we were eager to get to work.

They already had a great product, with initial success coming through word-of-mouth and retail partners, but they were barely scratching the surface of the number of pets they could help with their high-quality supplements.

It was important for them to build direct relationships with their customers without drawing sales away from their valued retail partners. We were up for the challenge.

Our solution

With our client’s passion for pet health and our expertise growing online sales, we set to work improving their ecommerce performance.

We optimised their Shopify conversions through paid media-specific landing pages using Unbounce.

We tested and created landing page variations with the brand’s target audiences.

We developed campaign messaging that would speak to different types of pet owners.

We launched the brand on Google Shopping and ran supplementary paid media and social campaigns integrated with their TV campaigns and event sponsorship activities.


increased revenue YOY


increase in conversion rate


drop in bounce rate

Our results

Our targeted approach and audience insight helped us increase online sales by 362% year-over-year.

The key to this success was the high level of engagement of our client’s target audience with the paid media-specific landing pages. This resulted in a 101% increase in conversion rate and a 20% drop in bounce rate.

These numbers prove the effectiveness of our test-and-learn approach across ad creative, landing pages and media optimisation – and mean that lots more pets (and pet owners) are benefiting from a great product.

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