Webinar: the science behind healthcare audience engagement

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The science of engagement

In a world where we’re exposed to thousands of messages, the fight for attention gets tougher by the day. For healthcare marketers the challenge has never been greater.  

Why is it that we can be in front of the right people, at the right time, giving them what they say they want – yet a large chunk of the audience won’t give our brand the time of day?

To solve this enduring marketers’ conundrum, we must become specialists in understanding the complex machinery that ultimately drives the choice – the human mind. 


Webinar Details

Date & Time: Wednesday 8th November 10am (CT), 4pm (GMT)
Session length: 45 minutes

Join our CEO Ben Myall to discover the key concepts of behavioural science and what we can learn from it to create meaningful interactions with HCPs and patients.

Together we’ll learn:

  • How to understand our unconscious survivalist thinking and its effect on how we make choices
  • How re-framing your existing audience data through behavioural thinking can bring new insights
  • How you can use behavioural planning and testing to drive action through your communications

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